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Explorers Needed: Bahro Linguistic Field Study & Expedition!

Famed author and field explorer Ainia, along with her research partner KathAveara, are launching a new project!

Having applied for research grants from both the D'ni Museum of Art (& Sciences) and the Guild of Cartographers, funding has been secured to support a moderately sized expedition team into the various Ages. This group, along with small teams of individual explorers, will investigate and decipher the nuances of Bahro script versus the Bahro murals known more commonly as "Bahroglyphs". This project will follow up on the work of the D'ni Linguistic Fellowship, whose records stored in DMoA archives were damaged severely sometime before the cavern's reopening.

Current job openings include, but are not limited to:

  • Field Research Assistants
  • On-site Photographers
  • Linguistic Analysts 
  • Data Catalogers
  • And others....

To apply for any of these jobs, to simply express interest, or to share other relevant skills, please contact the expedition's team leader, KathAveara (KI# 17967159). One may also express interest via a post in the corresponding MOULa forums thread, or contacting DLordofTime, the project's representative on the forums, via PM.

Safe journeys to Ainia, KathAveara, and good luck to their entire team! Be careful out there!

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All Guilds Meeting - May 2013

[NOTE: We were able to recover what was lost in our logs!  Special thanks to Christian Walther, Korov'ev, and KathAveara for their help!]

Shorah to one and all!  Another All Guilds Meeting has passed and hopefully everyone is all caught up.  If not, here are the usual raw and cleansed chatlogs to help bring everyone up to speed.

Here's what happened:

Cavern Tours

Zeke365 spoke about the latest organized events to teach people about the various locations in the cavern and Age and the history that goes along with them.  Along with  r'Tayrtahn  and Stone, they will be having th eir final tour of this season on Tuesday, May 7th at 22:00 KI time (with people to start arriving at the top of the Great Stairs in Ae'gura at 21:30).  More tours are planned for the fall, as well as one or two that are during more European-friendly times.  See more at the MOUL forum thread here. Lire la suite

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The Cavern Today: Episode 09 "Open Source" Released

Greetings, fellow explorers and surface dwellers!

After investigating the gossip of their movement around the cavern, I'm proud to announce the whispers are indeed true...The Cavern Today team have released a new episode!

Episode 09: Open Source


Here's what Dalken Starbyne himself has to say:

Dalken Starbyne wrote:
What's this? An episode of The Cavern Today? Why, yes. Yes it is! After quite the absence, we at The Cavern Today are happy to provide you the much-belated Episode 9: Open Source. You can find it here, or, as always, you can simply head on over to or listen to it on our iTunes feed. Enjoy!

Contents of this broadcast includes: Lire la suite

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Dalken Starbyne, Mowog, jnathus, & the rest of the TCT team
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International Hood: Opening Event and Public Party!

On Sunday 21st April 2013 the I.H.P. will arrange a Party and Celebrate the opening of the new International Hood! As it happens, this Day coincides with the D'ni New Year and the day after is the International Mother Earth Day. A sort of lucky coincidence for all!

The event starts Sunday morning at 06:00 and continues all day and late into the night around 24:00. We will have some kind of "Official Opening Cremony" at 12:00 noon in the Hood. Please join us for that! We'll also have some games, quizes, etc., during the event, besides all Streamed Music of course! Here's a full copy of the schedule, (with all times are notated in KI-time).:

06:00-12:00:Watashi ( | will be streaming during most of the event)

12:00-13:00 Ahlisendar ( | have Adblock Plus enabled!)

14:00-16:00 Janeerah (

16:00-18:00 AlanD (

18:00-20:00 Dich (

19:00-21:00 Yew Aryoo (

21:00-24:00 LIVE! from DMR ( |Christine, Mouski & Planetary) Lire la suite

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International Hood
Date de l'événement: 
Avril 21, 2013 - 06:00 - 23:59
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Max, Alien, & Kaaja
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All Guilds Meeting - April 2013

A rather fiesty crowd at this month's AGM.  What seemed like a quick meeting soon grew into a full-sized one..right before the crowd's eyes!  Here are the usual raw and cleansed chatlogs for those that missed it.

DimensionTravelerCalum/Heritage Night

DTC came to the stage first to mention that HN has been put on hold for the time being for a new project!  This will be similar to Spoken Word Night conducted by vid back years ago, specifically 25 and 50.  More details, such as date and time, will be released soon, so check the Heritage Night site for more info.

Guild of Messengers

Thinking the meeting would be short, the GoMe went next, introducing to everyone the latest Messenger to join the Guild: Samoth! The Guild also updated everyone on the progress of URU2U's next episode, which is coming along nicely and will hopefully be released before the next AGM.  There were also some non-GoMe related announcements: Samoth mentioned the Relto of Ainia, Max talked about the upcoming International Hood, and Lyrositor updated everyone on the status of Lyrobot. Lire la suite

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